Our Doctor

Dr. Avery grew up on a working farm and vineyard in beautiful southwest Michigan with her family and four St. Bernard dogs.  Dr. Avery obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English from Oberlin College where she had the privilege of studying 17th century Art History & Literature as a Dannenberg Scholar in London, England.  She earned her medical doctorate from Tufts University School of Medicine where she graduated with Honors.  She completed her pediatric residency at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - one of the largest and oldest children's hospitals in the world, and the United States' first hospital dedicated to the healthcare of children.

Dr. Avery served on faculty at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania as well as Stanford University School of Medicine before moving to Portland with her family.  She is an accomplished medical educator earning accolades from patients, families, medical students, and her pediatric colleagues.  She maintains a high level of expertise through continuing medical education, seminars and teaching.  She is deeply committed to improving children's health and closing the gap in healthcare outcomes for medically underserved children. 

Dr. Avery lives in Portland with her husband and two young children.  She embraces any opportunity to laugh and play with her family, whether it is on a long walk at the beach, the ski slopes of Mt. Hood or the family garden, which includes a row of Catawba, Niagara and pinot noir vines.  She is an avid reader and traveler captivated by learning about the untold stories of women in medicine and society at large.  Her home away from home is London, England where she enjoys connecting with old friends and exploring small bookstores, off-the-beaten-path restaurants and open markets south of the Thames.

In 2018, Dr. Avery and her team made the very difficult decision to close the practice due to relocation.  It was a privilege and honor to serve the children and families of the practice.  Together, a new vision for healthcare was born and it is our hope that each of you will take that seed of innovation with you to your next practice. We, as pediatricians, treasure our time with our young patients and their families and we are grateful for the time spent healing, laughing and learning at The Pediatric Practice. 

To Obtain Medical Records:

We are happy to assist you in the transfer of your child's medical records.  Please have your new pediatrician fax a signed, dated and completed Medical Record Release form to our office at (503) 716-4734.  

If you have any questions, you can call and leave a message at the office and we will return your call as soon as we can.


In Your Best Health,  Dr. Avery and Team